We Sleep Safe In Our Beds because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those that would do us harm.                                            George Orwell
Phone messages can be left at 1- (877) 860-9475.  FAX -Same number- 1-(877)860-9475    Please review our refund/cancellation policies at bottom of this page prior to registering for a course.  Email Admin@precisionrifleworkshop.com with any questions.


 PRW Police Sniper BASIC (core school)  The "core" sniper school  is a four day, 40 hour course that will fulfill the requirements of a “basic police sniper school” with advanced material to include moving targets.   The "core" school is a prerequisite for our advanced police sniper schools.  This course exceeds POST standards for all 50 states.  LE/MIL credentials required.   Maps, itineraries, motel and schedule information will be sent to you upon registration. This course is intended for a swat team member who is assigned to the sniper team or for smaller departments with a designated marksman job assignment.  This course is intended to prepare a student for our advanced courses. 
40 hours -four/five days depending on range venue--Tuition is $675 (500 rounds)

PRW Nunn, CO  March 8th-11th, 2021 (300)*
PRW Worland, WY May 10th-14th, 2021 (1000)
PRW Greeley, CO  July 26th-29th, 2021 (200)
PRW Rock Springs, WY  Aug 16th-20th, 2021(1000)
PRW North Platte,NE  Sept 7th-10th, 2021 (1000)
PRW Branson, MO Oct 11th-14th, 2021 (500)
PRW Nunn, CO  Dec 6th-10th, 2021 (300)

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PRW Basic Sniper
Sniper routing
PRW Sniper Coordination and Control Course--
The PRW Sniper Coordination and Control course is for police command and supervisory personnel who actively supervise police snipers during SWAT deployments and training. Equipment recommendations, manpower,liability issues, sniper team deployment techniques and selection of personnel are covered during this two day classroom only course. (2 days) ($300)

March 25th-26th 2021 Brighton, CO
Oct 4th-5th, 2021 Brighton CO

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PRW Fieldcraft course
PRW Tactical Courses Now being offered:
PRW FieldCraft Clinic-  A three day course in sniper fieldcraft.  Students will receive a mil-spec ghillie suit kit with tuition and build their own with our instructor's assistance. Students must provide base garment. Classroom and field exercises in an essential skill for police sniper survival. (no live rounds) (simunitions provided) ($545)    Register now click here

March 29th-31st, May 17th-19th, Nov 3rd-5th  Brighton CO

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Fieldcraft graduates
PRW's Premier advanced police sniper school, consisting of three days of real-life based urban and rural scenarios which will test even the most veteran snipers and provide the skills in solving problems. Live actor Scenarios to teach decision making. This course includes use of force, legal issues, "when to shoot, not just how", fieldcraft, stalking, tracking, land-navigation, day/night ops and intelligence gathering, There will also be cold bore shots out to 500 yards.(40 Hours) (3.5 days) ($875) Food and Accomodations are included in the tuition  (offered only ONCE a year)

Pending 2021

 PRW Advanced Sniper Scenarios 
Cammenga Triitium compass
Best course...EVER!--scenarios 2012 student                                   "I saw Jesus!" -- Sgt. I. Lopez--Scenarios Student 2009
This is the PRW President's favorite course and PRW's recommended first to take "advanced " course after our core basic. Food and Accomodations are included in the tuition for this course. Students stay at the training site 24/7. There is no better deal in the nation for an operational police sniper.

Warning: Scenarios is physically rigorous, has adrenalin dumps, lack of sleep, includes inclement weather, high altitudes above 10,000 feet and FUN!
PRW 50 BMG for Law Enforcement Course  
A 40 hour certification course for SWAT sniper teams for deployment, training and utilization of a .50 bmg rifle. This course covers the unique applications for critical incidents, vehicle disablement, long range applications and EOD.  This four day course requires 200 rounds per student.  Ball or AP allowed.  Single shot and semi-auto rifles are used in this course.   LE/MIL ONLY
Tuition $685

March 16th-19th, 2021 Nunn, CO
July 12th-15th, 2021  Rock Springs, WY

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PRW Advanced Tactical Scouting -a one day advanced  classroom only course in pre-warrant raid planning for SWAT, patrol officers, detectives and supervisors.  Preparing a detailed scout report and tactical briefing package, use of digital technologies, infrared and covert techniques. This class is a must for anyone involved in pre-raid planning.  (10 hours) ($150)  

​March 22, April 15th, June 25th or Oct 7th, 2021
Brighton, CO
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PRW Advanced Sniper -An advanced sniper school and our sequel to the Precision Rifle Workshop, consisting of four days of Teamwork, stress shooting, long range cold bores, problem solving, spotter/sniper coordination, fieldcraft and night tactics. (40 Hours)(400 rounds)  $595

April 19th-22nd, 2021 Fountain, CO
June 14th-17th, 2021 Watertown, SD  (register through SD POST ONLY)
July 6th-9th, 2021 Rock Springs, WY
August 31st-Sept 3rd, Northplatte, NE
Sept 27th-30th, 2021  Fountain, CO
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For Karl and the peacekeepers
PRW Sniper Instructor School-  An advanced sniper school for veterans of the craft.  Learn teaching methods for new personnel while working on your own skills.  Prepare yourself to lead your team. This course has oral and practical testing for instructors and a shooting qualification.  Three days on the range and two days in a classroom.

March 1st-5th, 2021 Nunn, CO
November 8th-12th, 2021 Nunn, CO

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50 hours-Five days--Tuition is $695-- Course pre-requisites consist of being assigned as a police sniper for at least three years, Range officer or comparable LE instructor credentials, and attending the core PRW Workshop class, PRW Adv. Sniper Scenarios or PRW Adv. Sniper courses. (Equivalent courses taken with comparable training institutions can be accepted with resume) A letter of recommendation from your Commander is also required.
PRW Cold Weather Sniper Ops--  This advanced sniper course is designed for experienced law enforcement snipers to practice their skills in a cold weather environment.   The course will include lecture, range, and fieldcraft exercises.  3 Days (30 hours)  $450

February 10-12th, 2021 Nunn, CO

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PRW Advanced Countersniper for Police/SWAT snipers is an advanced course designed to prepare a current operational sniper for the specific demands of dealing with a dedicated criminal suspect with a long gun.

Specific Issues addressed include Active shooters, Criminal snipers,
Dealing with a “broken arrow”,Fieldcraft skills, Long Range Shooting skills,Observation skills, Shooting under stress and Specific Tactics for countersnipers.
The countersniper portion of the Police Sniper job is the most serious job in Law Enforcement.  You will be the one they call when the inevitable critical problem desperately needs to be solved.  It’s your job to be prepared and ready.

August 23rd-26th, 2021 Rock Springs, WY

four DAYS (40 HOURS) ($550)
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PRW Mil-dot and Range Estimation Clinic--An 8 hour course in Mil-dots, mil-radians,holds, range estimation and rangefinding with various tools.  In the age of laser rangefinders, its still good to have a fall back plan when the batteries go dead or the rain rolls in. Classroom and field exercises to improve your skills. We’ll also cover laser rangefinders.  This course is for Police, military and Civilian shooters who need the skills for work or competitions.   If you have a scope, binoculars or spotting scope with a mil-reticle its helpful but not mandatory. (8hours) ($150) 

March 23rd, April 16th, Oct 8th 2021  Brighton, CO

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PRW SRP-Scoped Rifle for Patrol Officers- A three day designated marksman training course for using a scoped rifle for patrol operations. This course is for departments with/without tactical teams who have personnel doing perimeter work with scoped rifles. Learn zeroing, positional skills, officer down drills, tactics, stress shooting and extended distance shooting out to 500 yards.  This course works with bolt actions and semi-auto platforms, with traditional scopes and the newer electronic optics also. If you wish you can shoot this with open sights also. (300 rounds)

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​May 3rd-5th, 2021 Worland, WY
May 24th-26th, 2021 Parshall, CO  

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PRW Scoped rifle for patrol course
PRW Combat Course (four gun)Not for the faint of heart. Running, Gunning, A four day,four gun course (handgun, shotgun, carbine and precision Rifle)  You're either READY and ZEROED or losing.  A comprehensive course with multiple weapons systems.  We provide the "problems" you bring the solutions. Hits count.  Skills building in four different weapons systems. Put it all together and see if you have what it takes. (1000 round pistol, 200 rounds shotgun, 850 rounds carbine, 125 rounds precision rifle) $1200 tuition.  This course open to police, military and zombie hunters.  (must pass criminal background check) 

This course is offered as a "custom course" near  Rock Springs, WY

Call PRW at  1-877-860-9475 to schedule yours.

PRW Defensive Pistol II for Law Enforcement :  A three day Pistol course to take your patrol handgun skills to the next level.  The course includes close quarter combat skills, reaction timing, shot accountability and shooting with movement. The third day has a demanding live fire qualification.  This is a course that will challenge you regardless of your prior training. We recommend this course to current patrol officers, SWAT candidates and patrol officers with the mindset to improve a critical street skill-set. Regardless of your current skill level, PRW Defensive pistol II will improve your skill set and make you better for when it really counts. This course is approximately 30 hours over three days and requires 2000 rounds of handgun ammunition per student. Pre-Requisites include active or retired law enforcement with at least two years experience.  Note: Leave your ego at the front gate. ($375)  (limited class size)

May 6-8th, 2021 Worland, WY
May 20-21st, 2021 Nunn, CO
Sept 23rd-25th,2021 Nunn, CO

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The Precision Rifle Workshop LLC (PRW) offers the following Store and Returns Policy:
 If you aren't completely satisfied with a PRW merchandise product, We will fix it or give you a full refund.
 Training Class tuition fees are refundable with prior cancellation notice by the student/agency at least 30 days prior to the course date. There will be a $50.00 administration fee for cancellations with prior notice. You may be charged credit card usage fees above and beyond the $50.00 cancellation fee if applicable to your order. In lieu of a refund, you can reserve a slot in a similar future course in the SAME calendar year.
 Deposits, Range fees, rental fees and pre-paid shipping,ammunition or equipment fees are non-refundable. 
Returned checks for services or merchandise will be assessed a $50.00 flat fee PLUS any banking fees incurred by PRW.  
Please register only if you fully intend on attending a course. Call us direct at 1-877-860-9475 if you have questions about course slots, "holding slots" or delayed payment procedures from your department. 
There are NO REFUNDS with cancellation of a training registration UNDER 30 days of a training course. PRW works hard to provide exceptional training venues and locations for students and pays insurance, advertising, website, rental, advance and travel fees for PRW personnel well in advance of the typical course dates. Do not register for a course unless you fully intend on attending. We do accept "last minute" reservations for training courses but the customer assumes the risk of NO Refund if he/she cannot attend the course. 
PRW reserves the right to cancel a course due to circumstances beyond our control, range availability, safety or personnel issues. If PRW cancels a course, FULL refunds of tuition fees are paid to registered students. PRW is not responsible for student’s travel expenses, overtime incurred or other inconveniences due to a course cancellation.


cc course
NEW COURSE!  PRW SRP-Scoped Rifle for Patrol INSTRUCTOR course

 A FIVE day designated marksman instructor training course for using a scoped rifle for patrol operations. This course is for departments with/without tactical teams who have personnel doing perimeter work with scoped rifles. Learn zeroing, positional skills, officer down drills, tactics, stress shooting and extended distance shooting out to 500 yards. This course works with bolt actions and semi-auto platforms, with traditional scopes and the newer electronic optics also. If you wish you can shoot this with open sights also. (500 rounds) (pre-requisite of SRP course or equivalent) (range officer experience recommended) This course includes firearms usage and instructor methodology for in-service instructors.   

April 5th-8th, 2021  Nunn, CO
Oct 25th-28th, 2021  Nunn, CO

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*maximum range at particular venue during course
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