The primary mission of PRW is teaching the fundamental shooting skills and tactical knowledge demanded of the modern police sniper.   Students will learn precision shooting skills under "real world" conditions and environments.
Students will learn the importance of being ready to solve the tactical problems unique to the police sniper occupation, a highly specialized, demanding job that requires only the best.  Police snipers are required to gather real time intelligence during incidents and if necessary, provide precision fire to save the lives of civilians and fellow teammates.
Through scenario based drills and competent one-on-one instruction from current police snipers, students will learn skills that  become more advanced  and challenging throughout the week.  An emphasis on scouting skills, precision rifle skills, stress shooting, low light and positional shooting is mixed with scenarios based on real life incidents.
Students will be tested physically and mentally in training and will have a great sense of accomplishment only after the final days drills.  Come Train with us! 

gas drill at PRW Basic 2010