HANDGUN COURSES: (these are all custom courses one on one with an instructor)

PRW CCW Concealed Carry Course--A one day course for permit applicants that will meet Colorado State requirements and then some.  We'll cover the legal issues, the ethical issues, safety concerns, firearms usage and live fire.  (200 rounds) ($200) (Qualifies a student for CCW Permit requirements) This course is FAR and above the "average" CCW course. (Also see the follow-up defensive pistol courses below)   Register now click here

PRW Defensive Handgun- A one day school in defensive handgun skills for defending your home and family.  Includes legal/Use of Force issues, 6 hours on a range.  (300 rounds) $200  (Highly Recommended follow-up course after CCW) Register now click here

PRW Defensive Handgun II--Take it to the next level. One day of advanced Defensive handgun skills--Moving targets, shoot while moving, flashlight use, stress drills and positional skills. (Pre-Requisite is Defensive Handgun I) $275  (300 rounds)  Register now click here   Register now click here

RIFLE AND GENERAL TOPIC COURSES  (these are all custom courses one on one with an instructor)

PRW--Primer Course--For the beginner to firearms.  A safety course in handling, storage, and the safe use of firearms.  Thinking about purchasing a firearm?  Recently acquired a firearm and want to learn more about it?  Meet one on one with an instructor at a range and acquire a new skill set.  (a firearm is not required to attend this course, but you can bring your own.)  PRW can teach this course in a "classroom only" --no firearms-shortened version for high school classes, large and small groups and organizations--Call 877-860-9475 for details on group rates.  Register now click here

PRW--Home Defense Shotgun--A course in shotgun skills for home defense. Legal issues, Loading, movement, transitions, white light techniques and a reality check in what these awesome weapons systems can and can't do. $350 6-8 hours  Register now click here
PRW--Tactical Rifle Course  An entry level course for semi-auto (AR, M1a, bullpup etc..)platform shooters. This class is geared for those who have not had any formal instruction. Topics covered include safety issues, how to stand, zeroing, sight picture and trigger control, Field stripping,maintenance, reloads,positions and live fire. ($450) (500 rounds) One long 10-12 hour day.  Register now click here

PRW--Basic-Precision Rifle One day for basic sight in procedures.  Do you need to check your zero? Fine tune things like eye relief, cheek weld, breathing skills before your hunting trip or competition?  Learn proper marksmanship techniques, long range shooting and scope "dope" dialing basics. Hit the range with a PRW Instructor and know for sure you're ready.  ($350) (100 rounds) Register now click here

PRW-Extreme Long Range custom course:   This is our top of the heap precision rifle course,  for those that wish to reach way out there up to 3000 yards.  Two days of seeing just how far your weapons system and abilities can reach.  You must demonstrate 1.5 MOA accuracy with your rifle system/ammo/scope at 1000 yards to be eligible.  (300 rounds) ($1200)  Register now click here

PRW Combat Course (four gun) Not for the faint of heart. Running, Gunning, A four day,four gun course (handgun, shotgun, carbine and precision Rifle) A comprehensive course with multiple weapons systems. We provide the "problems" you bring the solutions. Hits count. Skills building in four different weapons systems. Put it all together and see if you have what it takes. (1000 round pistol, 200 rounds shotgun, 850 rounds carbine, 125 rounds precision rifle) $1200 tuition. (must pass criminal background check)This course is offered as a "custom course" near Rock Springs, WY and Nunn, CO Call PRW at 1-877-860-9475 to schedule yours.

The following are "formal" courses with "locked in dates and times" with other students:

PRW Extreme Long Range Course (ELR)  Guernsey, WY  TBA 2021  (COVID Restricted at the moment)

Bring that .50 BMG, that 300 Win, the .338, or even that tuned 7mm Mag. and shoot out to 2000 yards. Learn about wind calls, long range ballistics and build the ultimate drop chart. 3 days, includes on base accommodations and food! Round count - minimum 300 but feel free to bring as little or as much as you like, you'll shoot it. This school is geared towards the long range hunter or target shooter. If downing an Elk at 500 yards is your goal, we can help. If getting closer to making the elusive 'mile' shot is your fancy, we can help there too. Challenge yourself and push that rifle to its limits! Tuition includes food, accommodations and US Army range fees Register Now click here

PRW PC Ballistics- Brighton CO -An advanced course for military, police snipers and civilian long range shooters in the use of computerized ballistics assistants for PC and PDA's typically used in extreme long range shooting.  This course covers the typical use of software, downloads and the working knowledge required to use these advanced tools. (8 hours) ($150) near Brighton, CO.   Register now click here
PRW Metallic Cartridge Reloading Clinic: Want to learn a new skill and save money on your ammunition needs?  This course will enable students with little or no prior experience in reloading to produce safe, consistent, and accurate ammunition. Reloading Safety, components, data, equipment needed and practical exercises where you load your own during this 8 hour course.  PRW can teach 2-10 students per clinic, bring a friend, spouse or teenager to this one.  $150 tuition (Students will load example cartridges, if you load your own specific caliber, there may be additional costs) (No firearms needed at this course)  If you have a garage shop area and several friends interested, host your own!   (Front Range Denver area only)   Click here to register for the reloading clinic
PRW Mil-dot and Range Estimation Clinic--An 8 hour course in Mil-dots, mil-radians,holds, range estimation and rangefinding with various tools.  In the age of laser rangefinders, its still good to have a fall back plan when the batteries go dead or the rain rolls in. Classroom and field exercises to improve your skills. We’ll also cover laser rangefinders.  This course is for Police, military and Civilian shooters who need the skills for work or competitions.   If you have a scope, binoculars or spotting scope with a mil-reticle its helpful but not mandatory. near Brighton, CO   Register now click here 

PRW--Basic Sight-In- You drop your rifle and ammunition off with PRW. A PRW instructor and gunsmith will inspect your rifle, your scope and mounts, Torque to specifications and then sight the rifle in for you. Your rifle will be given back to you cleaned and ready to go. This is for the busy or elderly hunter who may need several rifles sighted in. ($40 per rifle) (20 rounds) Note:  Aug-Sept is our 'busy' time. Register early please. Register now click here

Call 1-877-860-9475 to register for any of the above courses.

The Precision Rifle Workshop LLC (PRW) offers the following Store and Returns Policy:
 If you aren't completely satisfied with a PRW merchandise product, We will fix it or give you a full refund.
 Training Class tuition fees are refundable with prior cancellation notice by the student/agency at least 30 days prior to the course date. There will be a $50.00 administration fee for cancellations with prior notice. You may be charged credit card usage fees above and beyond the $50.00 cancellation fee if applicable to your order. In lieu of a refund, you can reserve a slot in a similar future course in the SAME calendar year.
 Deposits, Range fees, rental fees and pre-paid shipping,ammunition or equipment fees are non-refundable. 
Returned checks for services or merchandise will be assessed a $50.00 flat fee PLUS any banking fees incurred by PRW.  
Please register only if you fully intend on attending a course. Call us direct at 1-877-860-9475 if you have questions about course slots, "holding slots" or delayed payment procedures from your department. 
There are NO REFUNDS with cancellation of a training registration UNDER 30 days of a training course. PRW works hard to provide exceptional training venues and locations for students and pays insurance, advertising, website, rental, advance and travel fees for PRW personnel well in advance of the typical course dates. Do not register for a course unless you fully intend on attending. We do accept "last minute" reservations for training courses but the customer assumes the risk of NO Refund if he/she cannot attend the course. 
PRW reserves the right to cancel a course due to circumstances beyond our control, range availability, safety or personnel issues. If PRW cancels a course, FULL refunds of tuition fees are paid to registered students. PRW is not responsible for student’s travel expenses, overtime incurred or other inconveniences due to a course cancellation.

tact rifle custom course
PRW Civilian course registrations require a copy of a criminal background check through the Colorado Bureau of Investigations Website ($6.85) and student provided firearms and ammunition. You must be a U.S. Citizen. (If you're a beginner and don't have your own firearms or ammunition, call us! We can help!)  NOTE:  Any felony conviction or Domestic violence issue will disqualify you for training due to Colorado State law,   If you have questions don't hesitate to call or email PRW staff.  Payment for the deposit and courses can be made with a credit card.  Call us at 877-860-9475
Important: Course participants will be asked to sign a liability waiver and safety contract prior to attendance. PRW reserves the right to refuse service to anyone or immediately cancel a students participation due to safety concerns.  Please remember alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs and firearms DO NOT MIX. 

To register  or for more information on a PRW Civilian Course call 1- 877-860-9475 or email 
admin@precisionrifleworkshop.com OR register online click here

Custom Classes are scheduled at your convenience and are typically held near the Denver Metro, Front Range area. We have ranges statewide. Call us!