prw 2007 Basic Sniper class

The PRW Police Sniper Training Track:

Basic Course:

Precision Rifle Workshop (core)

For brand new operators just assigned to the job or veterans needing trigger time
Advanced Level
Prw Scenarios
Prw Advanced Sniper
Prw Countersniper
Prw Sniper Instructor
Prw Cold Weather Ops
Something Urgent (comp)

BE READY, and show up with a good zero.  If you can't shoot, we hope you can run well

Intermediate Courses:

Prw Fieldcraft
Prw Scouting
Prw Sniper Coordination and Control
Prw Mil-dot, rangefinding clinic
Prw Ballistics
Prw 50 BMG
PRW Tactical Tracking
PRW Land Nav

Skills building in critical subject areas, can be taken in any particular order
At PRW we believe the skills required of a police sniper demand regular, updated training on a continual basis.  You can't simply take the core school and expect the skills and knowledge to last for years.  It is not like a lot of the basic police academy certifications we take once and then move on.  You have to practice often and continually push your training regimen to the next level. The learning curve is steep. PRW sniper range courses are designed to be a challenge to both basic and advanced students so even veteran snipers can take the basic course again simply to build skills and gain "trigger" time. A certificate means nothing if you don't continually pursue the craft.  A hostage's life may someday depend on how hard YOU trained. Please don't let them down.-- PRW President